Solid Wood Flooring

At JEM Carpets, we have our own brand of solid, semi-solid and engineered wood flooring. The range has gone from strength to strength over the years and we have recently added many new exotic species to the range.

Ideal for almost any application in both domestic homes and commercial buildings, the real wood flooring range by JEM Carpets is an environmentally respectful product which looks and feels warm and inviting. These real wood floors are not only extremely durable, but incredibly rich looking. They are also low maintenance, easy to clean and can be refurbished time and time again.

Wood Flooring

Our range

Our range of solid and engineered wood floors includes a wide variety of species including White Oak, Red Oak, Maple, Beech, Cherry, Ash, Walnut, Pilang, Palisander. Many of our collections are also offered in different finishes such as, natural, brushed, stained, antique, smoked, fumed, brushed and oiled, and the natural ‘unfinished’ style. All JEM Carpets’ ranges meet strict quality controls and are carefully selected from our database of global manufacturers.

The natural beauty, incredible quality and classic style of hardwood and solid wood flooring is unmistakable. Nothing compares to the look and feel, which is why we stock such a huge range of styles. Make an investment in your home and comfort with a solid wood floor from JEM Carpets.

Solid, semi-solid and engineered

Any of our instore advisors can help you to choose the right kind of wood flooring, but here are a few helpful hints about the kind of realwood flooring we stock at JEM Carpets.

In Solid Wood flooring, every plank is made from a single piece of timber which makes it the most expensive choice in real wood flooring, but the quality is unmistakable.

Semi Solid Wood Flooring is made from two pieces of timber joined together in layers. If you’re considering underfloor heating you would need semi-solid rather than solid.

Engineered flooring planks are similar to semi-solid by the way the planks are constructed but the planks are much thinner and made from less expensive wood and materials.

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