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JEM Carpets

Invictus Herringbone Divine Oak pure £42.38 per sq mt

Invictus Herringbone Divine Oak pure £42.38 per sq mt

Regular price £64.00
Regular price Sale price £64.00

Invictus Herringbone Divine Oak Pure 

Restful and stylish, that’s the essence of Yukon. The soft, natural colours are combined with a restful wood structure with an occasional knot. But this floor is never boring. With its deep, realistic wood texture and exceptionally high number of unique planks, you almost forget that it isn’t a real wooden floor. Yukon includes an integrated subfloor that assures easy installation and extra acoustic comfort

  • Price per pack : £64
  • Thickness:  5mm
  • Water Resistant: Moisture Resistant
  • Minimum order : One Pack ( 1.51m²)
  • Planks per pack :
  • Fitting Mechanism : Click Fit
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