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Duralay Woodtex - Laminate / Wood Underlay

Duralay Woodtex - Laminate / Wood Underlay

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Woodtex is the supreme wood and laminate floor underlay. Combining, thermal and sound insulation qualities with an integrated moisture barrier. Its unique dense rubber composition helps sound reduction by up to 20db. Also ensuring low compression over the life cycle of this heavy rubber wood floor underlay. The plastic impregnated silver foil ensures a vapour barrier is integrated into the underlay (vapour barrier tape must be used), stopping vapour migration from your subfloor. It will help with slight unevenness in the subfloor and it is also the ideal underlay for 1st floor installations. Woodtex wood floor underlay will help the serviceable life of your new floor covering. Supplied in 10m2 rolls.

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